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Indigenous high performance BLDC motor, higher accelerations and torques,assisted with reprogrammable sine wave controller



High strength aluminum frame offers a comfortable riding position with futuristic design and aesthetics.


Offers superior quality energy modular, accessibility in finger tips, high discharge rate, Intelligent BMS with cell
balancing tech



A high efficient portable AC fast charger offers less charging time with more life cycles.

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What our clients say

Akshay ,Vizag

Wonderful experience. Had a test ride of Rifle T9 from Austhraa motors.Looks amazing compared to other electric bikes and feels comfortable and good to ride. Frame design looks awesome.All other controls and features looks promising. Performance was pretty good.Must have ebike for youth.

Jagannath Rao, Vizianagaram

Best Utility Electric bike Model Carry from Austhraa motors.Nice test ride experience .Comfortable seating and good looking design.Ample carriage space for carrying cargo and rugged design. Nice display and headlight.Looks and runs promising.Want to buy as soon as available in market.

Mahesh ,Visakhapatnam

Awesome,looks amazing. Just now had a free test ride of ebike Rifle T9 from austhraa motors.Excellent design and smooth riding experience.Battery was swappable and easy to handle. Display has odometer,speed and battery levels which was quite useful to have a safe ride. Waiting for the launch to have my own Rifle T9.

Shiva prasad , Vizianagaram

Fantastic experience. I have been looking for an alternative to my mountain bike since i’m mostly riding paved and light off road now. I am new to Electric Bicycles and I love the experience of riding it for a test ride . Bicycle looks awesome and comfortable for riding.Eagerly waiting for the launch .

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