About Us

Austhraa Motors is an E-bikes manufacturing company founded in 2020 By a Team of electric vehicle engineers and enthusiasts who believed in potential of EV technology for energy efficient and emissionless transportation. Austhraa has highly skilled and technically experienced team in all streams. Austhraa is working on next generation E-bikes and developed indigenous technology to deliver superior quality in all aspects. We believe that Austhraa offers the best electric cycle riding experience in on road and off road conditions.

Austhraa is India’s most innovative E-Bike Company with broadest product basket addressing all Customer Segments. Currently, we have 9 E-bike models servicing all categories viz City Ride, Cargo, Three Wheel Loaders, Solar powered self-charging tricycle loader, Female Exclusive, Sports, Tricycle, Foldable & E-Bike Ambulance. We are a purpose driven, consumer empathetic and customer centric EV Mobility Solutions Company.
Austhraa is planning to rapidly accelerate its E-bikes production and broaden its product offerings to address burgeoning demand from customers across Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. Austhraa is a highly attractive business that provides a unique and high-quality product offering in the E-bikes sector. The Company is well-positioned to benefit from the continuing transformation of city transport infrastructures towards bicycle-friendly zones, increased demand for practical eco-friendly transportation and shared bike programs, as well as the growth of last-mile micro-delivery. Additionally, an increasing focus on healthier lifestyles means E-bikes can offer a highly democratic exercise solution across a wide spectrum of age and fitness levels.

Austhraa is a high-growth business building an international profile. Austhraa strongly believes that the Company has the potential to be a leading player in the E-bikes sector, thanks to its focus on customer service and forward-thinking approach to technology. We believe increased adoption of E-bikes can contribute to societal progress towards more sustainable urban development, reduction of carbon emissions, and healthier lifestyles, and every Consumer recognizes the significance of a positive environmental impact.